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There is a lever in the bottom-right corner of the house. The old man says that you can reach the floodgates from the puddle outside. Step on the switch, then use a Pegasus Seed and run across the bridge.

Hit it with your sword to drain the pool in the house. Go outside to discover that the water here has drained, too. In the next room, push the rightmost green rock up, and the other green rock down. If you go east, you can talk to Sokra, who says that you need a new power of seasons, so you need to find a new path to Subrosia.

Poor passes are harder to control, enabling defenders to capitalise on errant balls and poor touches.

Cream147 (on 22 October 2016)What the legs of this game show to me is that a market for FIFA on Wii U did develop, but EA never bothered to try and tap into it.

If you talk to the Subrosians in this area, you learn that Rosa's key can unlock any door.

If it's winter, keep going east (being careful of more hidden Pincer enemies) until you can't go east anymore. Dimitri can eat the Pincers as soon as their eyes appear. When you reach the southwest corner of this area, watch out for the Pincer, and go lift the rock in the corner to find a patch of soft soil. While hovering, hold the A button to charge a Ground Pound. If it's winter, dig through the snow and bomb the rock wall.

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When you push him out of the ring, he gives you Ricky's Gloves. If you want to befriend Moosh, you have to get the Strange Flute from the Horon Village shop. Just push on the cliff and Ricky will jump onto it. You can't do anything at the ruins right now, so you can just ignore it and go west. Hit the seeds with your sword to put them into your seed satchel.

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If you don't get one of those flutes before giving Ricky his gloves, Ricky becomes your animal companion for the rest of the game. If you use a Pegasus Seed, you walk more quickly for a limited time.

Go east from the Business Scrub and push the keyhole to use the floodgate key. Go back to where you encountered Sokra and jump down off of the ledge. If you have Ricky, then just jump up the ledge on the left side of the screen. You can also pick him up and throw him using the Power Bracelet.