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26-Jul-2017 10:27

Give them a discount incentive them to buy from you. And there are a lot of cooperatives there are hospital cooperatives, there are farming cooperatives.

You get that discount for your members and in exchange you get a share of the revenue that you generate for the vendor. But a buying cooperative generally pools together a select group of businesses. And they formed a buying cooperative to obviously buy at a better price.

So simply by joining ABN free, you’re going to have access to about 50 or 60 national vendors, everything from shipping, to travel, to supplies, office supplies, computer supplies. : Yeah, and you sort of get that feeling but obviously you keep working.

Really every place a business has sort of a common expense. Because, it ends up not to be all about the dollars.

Maybe they didn’t hear exactly the same thing but I bet you they heard something similar. Let me just explain to the audience the way the business works is like this.

Allied Business Network goes to a vendor and says we have this big audience of people who are going to buy from you.

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We’ve real entrepreneurs who spend an hour and break down the process they went through to build their company and show you the highs, and also show you the setbacks, the challenges, that they’ve had along the way and how they got through them. But, in my world, when I had started my business 18 years ago, my prior career had a lot of perks, and meetings, and travel, and resorts, and really great stuff.

And also some major accomplishments and I guess anybody’s business career.

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